Smells like Teen Spirit…

Not I repeat NOT poo but butternut squash!

Ok so the title is a lie, it actually smells like teething poop! I just felt this title would approach the subject in a somewhat more genteel manner.

This – unfortunately- amongst tantrums, baby sick, cleaning, ant killing, cooking and more tantrums has been the defining feature of my day… I shall divulge..

Poo-splosion: pronounced like explosion, just swap the ex for poo. Consists of baby poo… everywhere, out the sides and over the top of nappies, up the back, round the stomach, in the hair, down legs, on hands, feet you name it, it gets there!

A poo-splosion smeared all over clean jeans that has to stay there until you can put the offending baby down reasonably clean as to not spread more of the acidic mustardy mess everywhere, then stop the toddler from screeching unnecessarily at you, it then becomes quite a nice warm comforting spot on your leg until you remember its there and what it is!

There will be two types if cringing going on here, the first being thise who have not reproduced yet and are thinking omg that will never happen to me, how awful… I was once that naive… it will happen… you have been warned!!

The second being those who may have possibly just remembered their very own warm patch of some description! 🙂

Whoever said being a mother is glamorous?!

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One Response to Smells like Teen Spirit…

  1. Sarah says:

    Heh, what with one thing and another, we only had one or two of those incidents. Don’t miss em.

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