How much… HOW MUCH??!!

So yesterday I became a quarter of a century old!! Yes 25, mid 20’s, closer to 30… Where do I start a pension plan? :/
Anyways In order to celebrate the manshape, two little legs and I went shopping in Cambridge. We had a delightful day which involved eating, watching and betting how long a man who was sparko in a coffee shop would stay asleep for…Manshape won that one… Buying stuff for meeee!! And the most amusing moment of a woman slamming into a shop door after pushing and not pulling it despite the large PULL sign! 🙂 playing spot the student, blocking bicycles paths, bickering over whether workmen have to climb the 100 odd foot by ladder to get into the crane and nearly loosing the eldest little legs!!
We decided it was time to head home and whilst MS fought with the double buggy I Went to pay the machine for parking, put the card in and nearly keeled over in shock when it told me how much we owed… I paid… Using MS’s card… And then strolled back to the car, jumping into my seat I looked at MS’s expectant face from the corner of my eye when he asked how much the parking was… I muttered… £16… HOW MUCH??!!


ETA : We were there about 5 hours, thats £3.20 an hour, thats like over 5p a minute for the privilege of parking in the car park of a large shopping centre…  lucky we didnt have that cake with our coffee to pay it! ;P

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