When you gotta go…

So whilst shopping I suddenly found myself in a clothes shop with an armful of tops to try on so went into the changing rooms. Whilst half undressed I happened to look down and see my 2 year old’s head peering at me from under the changing room door… luckily for him it was me and not the 50 something lady who had followed me in… he cracked a cheeky grin and then bolted back to his patiently waiting daddy and baby brother. I came out, modelled a top that looked much better on the hanger, went to change and felt that familiar stare from under the door again, modelled a lovely top, which is now in my wardrobe, and the baby little legs started crying for milk, so the toddler followed me whilst MS fed BLL, he then ran back to MS  and I got changed into my normal clothes and went to get MS’s card, MS asked where the toddler was and I said I thought he was with you, in which he replied the same… cue the most gut wrenching fear we have ever experienced EVER!! I ran back into the changing rooms to see if he was hiding whilst shouting to the staff had the seen him, MS ran out into the shopping centre walkway to see if he could spot him then I heard ‘hes here!!’ the relief those words bought to me are indescribable! I snatched him from them and asked where he was – he had been hiding in clothes rail – and and as I hugged him and waved MS back into the shop the all so familiar smell of a dirty nappy wafted into my nostrils that indicated that he had in fact just been taking a peaceful poo in between rails of glitter soaked tops and A-lined skirts… 

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