Everyday I’m shuffling… In my pjs?!

So on my travels today I saw not one, not two but THREE people sporting their nightwear to go shopping! Yup!

The first was an elderly lady doing a determined shuffle to the local shop in her rather nice baby pink fluffy dressing gown, admittedly she was very old so I’m guessing her task for the day was either get dressed or go to the shop and obviously the desire for milk and rich tea biscuits won!
What are the point in rich tea biscuits?! You can’t dunk them as the second they hear the kettle boil they shrivel and break up and they are boring!

Anyways… Next up we have the chav, we all know what one looks like, the gold, the hair, the attitude etc, so she was (again) shuffling at top speed in seriously over worn Ugg boots with tartan Pajama bottoms on!! Why?! But I’m Guessing she was moving quickly because she was somewhat embarrassed? Maybe? Hopefully?

And number three was an elderly gentleman who was shuffling ( again??!! ) round the supermarket in his trusty old slippers! Now I’m gonna give this to him because I would love to wear my slippers everywhere and he was cute!

So it was either national pajama day or Shuffling Tuesday either one of which I was very much not apart of and do not want a reminder to partake in the annual celebration!

So the ultimate conclusion is if your old and doddery this is an acceptable piece of attire however if you’re young and know better then dont… just dont!

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