A little about me…

So I guess its only polite to give you a small background filler of myself, for just in case you wondered why I may appear mentally lacking sometimes.

I am a stay at home mum to two Boys, Oliver and George, there are 19 months age difference between them. This could explain why I am slightly neurotic at times, or maybe I was before, but maybe I wasnt… I’ll never know… however I am a happy SAHM as my two terror tots are stupidly cute so that makes up for my loss of sense and identity!

I used to be a hairdresser in a salon for 8 years so am very used to filling spaces with idle chit-chat…. you have been warned!

Their daddy, Mark, who ive been with for 4.5 years, works away in London four days a week, so I am alone for those days and find myself slightly wild-eyed and crazy haired whilst walking a little too closely to people whilst shopping in Tescos just to feel some sort of human closeness! Personally I think he doesn’t actually work 12 hours 4 days a week, i think he spends half of it fishing or just being himself somewhere to escape the chaos two wee ones bring… I dont blame him! 😀

We have a murderous panther-esque cat named Izzy, who’s favourite pastime is butchering animals in our kitchen of a night time and looking smug in the morning when I come down to the crime scene and shriek in horror :/ She is however kinda cute and loves cuddles, perhaps a bit too much.

Ermmmm… Im almost sure that’s everything you need to know if not more, however if you feel the need to know every last detail about me please do ask! If you want to stalk me Id be more than happy to allow this, in fact id be honoured!

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Hello world!

Oki Doki… here we go… I am blogging!

Im not really sure why im blogging, if ill be any good, if ill enjoy it or what my theme is but hey, everyone seems to be doing it so why not?! 😀

You will have to forgive my absent ramblings about stuff – im an out loud thinker!

So yeah… this is my first blog ( is it called a blog or post? i dunno but here it is!)

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